We will equip and grow you and your team with proven leadership topics such as:
15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
Everyone Communicates, Few Connect
Put Your Dreams to the Test!
Becoming a Person of Influence
How to Be a REAL Success
Principle of 5
Change Your World
What Are You Known FOR?
These trainings can be delivered in-person or virtually through:

Lunch & Learn Sessions

Is your team ready to grow? In just 45 minutes, we can bring a practical leadership message to encourage and inspire your team. Pick from the topics above. We can help you determine what Lunch and Learn session will best add value to your organization. This can be done for small and large groups. A minimum of 5 people is appreciated. (lunch and learn video)

Reach out to schedule one FREE Lunch and Learn!

Mastermind Groups

Mastermind groups are interactive combining short leadership teaching with group participation and discussion. Select from the topics above. Most Mastermind sessions are 90-120 minutes. Often these sessions span 2-6 weeks to fully maximize the content, conversations and application for greatest transformational impact. We can help you determine which topic will best suite your current needs.

Most group sizes for discussion are 5-8 people and Mastermind sessions can be done with larger groups, just breaking the larger group down into small groups discussion. 

Leadership Day-Retreats or Weekend Retreats

These days are interactive and fully customizable to meet your goals and objectives.

Maxwell Leadership Game

Leadership Assessment & Team Building Session. Your team will learn more about each other as they learn and laugh together!

“It was fun to play the Leadership Game.” - Recent Participant